BGP Advisors - Construction Management

Providing solutions for problem commercial real estate assets and debt


Our capabilities span the full range of the development and construction cycle, from strategic planning and project conceptualization through construction completion and operations turnover. Specialties include:

  • Project planning/Feasibility Studies
  • Design consultant selection
  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Value engineering
  • Contractor selection
  • Contracting
  • Design consultant management
  • Construction administration
  • Project move-in coordination
  • Project closeout
  • Litigation support



  • Provide leadership for project roll-out, build a streamlined and efficient team to efficiently execute entitlements, program planning, design phasing, and construction phasing
  • Advise on the selection of design consultants and sub-consultants, provide transparency and accountability within the design team throughout the process
  • Identify and create building programs and assist design team with constructability issues, and product and assembly selections during schematic and design development
  • Identify major system selections with MEP’s, concrete, framing type, exterior envelope systems, and finishes
  • Review and create building systems and assemblies to qualify for LEED and/or Green Point Programs
  • Identify alternative means and methods
  • Develop and manage ongoing value engineering analysis
  • Prepare hard cost estimating and scheduling during design phases
  • Coordinate construction documents (CD Phase)
  • Create a design evolution log (DEL) to track design cost changes and provide owner with transparency during the design phase

Budgeting and Scheduling

  • Prepare detailed CSI format hard cost estimates based on current market pricing
  • Track hard cost pricing from schematic phase through CD completion
  • Identify and track commodities pricing and availability of products
  • Prepare detailed MS Project scheduling for all phases of design, permitting, construction, FF&E, and turnover
  • Create a sequenced delivery plan—construction/project phasing and turnover plan


  • Pre-qualify general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers
  • Provide detailed bid analysis for owner—manage RFP process, bid spread results, bid qualifications, Q&A with contractors to achieve apples/apples bid results
  • Host pre-bid meetings
  • Prepare written scope of work for any specific trade and/or activity
  • Advise owner and analyze risk on best contract vehicle for type of structure—GMP, GMAX, Cost Plus
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Evaluate market risk related to material escalation, fabrication timelines, long lead material items, labor price trending/availability, and required early deposits

Construction Management

  • Conduct pre-construction meetings with contractor and owner team
  • Oversee progress of construction, prepare reports, field monitoring, and quality control
  • Conduct owner’s meetings on site during construction
  • Provide full-time or part-time observations to critical building components in roofing, waterproofing, and building envelope systems
  • Review shop drawings, submittals, and RFI process
  • Coordinate owners FF&E items with general contractor
  • Review and validate processing of monthly draw payments and change order claims
  • Assist owner and contractor in the close-out process including, punch lists, warranty items, O&M training, attic stock, and document turnover
  • Review and oversee project scheduling and provide a monthly schedule health report for tracking critical project milestones

Investigation Services, Asset Evaluation and Risk Management

  • Condition Assessment—Perform thorough onsite investigations and surveys reviewing all available construction documents, maintenance records, and other pertinent information. Testing methods include destructive, non-destructive, which conform to ASTM and industry standards. Deliverables include reports with findings, engineering cost projections, and a life-cycle cost analysis with a budget for repairs, replacements or rehab
  • Due Diligence—Due diligence services support commercial and mixed use real estate purchases. Conduct onsite investigations and reviews of all existing construction documents, maintenance records, and contracts to fully evaluate the building status and condition
  • Risk Management—Assist clients with balancing the contingencies of risk with specific contractual, financial, operational, and organizational requirements. Our risk analysis and management process entails identifying construction risks and exposures, and formulating an effective risk management strategy to mitigate the potential for loss. There are several types of risk that an owner or lender should consider as part of a risk management program—schedule risk, cost risk, technical feasibility, risk of technical obsolescence, dependencies between a new project and other projects, and physical events beyond direct control

Construction Claims Disputes and Litigation Support

  • Construction Claims and Disputes—Perform defects investigations and identification of critical repairs. Provide documentation of findings, coordination of destructive/ nondestructive testing methods and coordination of remediation and repairs
  • Litigation SupportDevelop procedures for Dispute Review Boards (DRB) and Mediation for claims resolution. Provide litigation support, schedule/delay and disruption analysis, and expert reports. Provide audits for construction damage calculations resulting from delays/acceleration of work, change orders, and variations


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